Liquid Lounge and Cafe

The concept behind the Liquid Bar and Café was to create a multipurpose entertainment and dining experience.  The bar and café are co-located, each open 24 hours a day and they both change functions throughout the day. 

The bar serves quick to-go pastries and coffee in the morning and salads and sandwiches throughout the day.  The back wall of windows and doors open to the famous boardwalk that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean while the front is open to the hotel and the café. At night, it turns into a live entertainment venue with V.I.P. seating and bottle service and music that can be heard on the beach.  Frozen vodka lockers and a curved-glass wine display conspire to create private seating areas in the Bar.  The backlit serpentine bar meanders throughout the space.  Faux ostrich skin wall panels, wood ceilings and red terrazzo floors define the bar. A double-sided second bar opens to the Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean.  The patio seating is defined by hand-bent railings. The color palette of the Bar furniture is deep reds, oranges and browns while the fabrics are mostly solids with interesting textures of terrycloth and velvet.  

The upscale Café serves a sophisticated menu of Asian, Italian, Americana, and vegetarian fares.  Half of the dining room is open to the lounge for an exciting dining and dancing experience, while the other half is intimate and quiet for a romantic evening. The Café softens to a palette of pastels of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns in interesting patterns.  Twenty-foot tall metal piping encloses the booths and defines the boundaries of the Café.  Banquettes create free-standing scrolls to divide the Café into small, quaint zones. 

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