The latest culinary hotspot from Rotterdam-based Hotel New York Group was designed by Marcel Wanders. The restaurant is beautifully located on the banks of the river Maas. Head chef Glyn Stoker is responsible for the culinary creations. The building is a design by the Dutch architect Francine Houben that dates from 1989.  Marcel redesigned the interior and made Blits ‘a restaurant like a theatre’.

It’s even got Amsterdam talking!

“It” combines typical Rotterdam brawn with the charm of Amsterdam. “A restaurant like a theatre.” 

As evening falls, it’s time for the audience to take the stage. Spectators and theatre merge, and it becomes impossible to tell the actors from the onlookers.The Rotterdam audience is the star of the evening; bottles are poured with charisma and bravado, bread and fish miraculously multiplies all around. The stage is scattered with props, and the formalities of the performance make way for chance encounters and unwritten romances. Young couples with no interest in the view flock to the red lodge, where they can safely drown in each other’s eyes.

With the day’s work done, it’s time to loosen up and get down on the flashy Blits stage. Laughter fills the room, and the pressures of the day make way for the sensuality of night. The tired players peer into the darkened hall; floodlit ships float past on the murmuring water, the moon glistens, and the actors’ costumes get a critical going over.

Heavenly light fills the waterside stage, but not all that glitters is gold here. Tomorrow will be another day, the waters will flow; the Maas, it seems, is no longer alone.

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