Main stair to upper floor restaurant, salons and terrace.

Demel Salzburg celebrates the craft of traditional confectionary and presents it in a contemporary setting. The finished interior draws no inspiration from the grand, dark wood Demel shop in Vienna. Instead, it chooses bright and clean white leather and pale marble to set the mini-stage for cakes and sweets. It is the confectionary that steals the show and draws adoring fans from around the globe. The salons are also furnished with white leather chairs, warm brown and dusty magenta overstuffed chairs and walls. A decked roof terrace sports fresh white banquettes and large umbrellas shield guests from the Alpine sun.

To enter the Imperial Demel chocolate-makers in Salzburg is to arrive in a temple of exquisite white and dark chocolates, sweet cakes, and magnificent pastries. Demel Salzburg is the first branch outside Vienna. The brand is legendary in Austria and was the personal confectioner of the Imperial families. Empress Sissi was so indulged in the sweets and candied violets made at the K.u.K. (Imperial and Royal Court) Confectionary Bakery that she requested personal delivery by Mr. Demel himself to the royal court at Hofburg.

Demel Salzburg can be found on Mozart Square. The signature cake, bread, pastry and chocolate boutique and ice-salon are located at ground level, while the first floor, dedicated to dining, overlooks a huge terrace and seats 600 people. The upper level terrace is dominated by the cathedral and castle above, and is frequented by local patrons and tourists alike. FG Stijl created the complete interior design of the shop and salons contrasting clean pale marble with soft, padded lilac suede walls, sofas, and chairs.

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