Parkside Bistro and Bar

Shanghai got its own colonial history which can be traced back a hundred years. This historic background gives the metropolitan a multi-cultural basis under a mysterious Eastern veil. Hundreds of Neo-Baroque buildings along the Bund have a special identity. Nowadays, Shanghainese people enjoy art and culture from different parts of the world and are creating their own blend of eastern-western taste.

Occupying a150 sq. m. space next to the small “Fu-Xing” Park in the heart of downtown Hui-Hai Road area, the designers decided to inject the historical background of Shanghai into their design concept for Parkside Bistro and Bar. 

The restaurant is located on the first floor of a 70-year-old, three storeyed Beaux-Arts Condo. Instead of traditional mouldings and trompe l’oeil, brass pipes are used to decorate the ceiling and become another interesting asymmetrical pattern of 3D effect. Faux-finishes are used to give a touch of historic feeling on the gilt painting. Old bricks are used in the backdrop and are lit by continuous wall washers. A geometric pattern is made on the floor by vinyl tiles. 

The luxury of the Baroque Style was used in a mild, contemporary way with a low budget. The solution was to design a “a palace in a contemporary way” and add a touch of oriental taste.

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