Sheraton Hotel, Changsha 長沙運達喜來登酒店

Timeless color schemes of taupe, chocolates and blues combined with woven leather and contemporary furniture are the core of the room palette. 

The hotel entry and lobby is an experience in international modern luxury. The space is designed to make discerning international travelers feel the excitement of this timeless design experience. The overall design direction in the space reinforces the contemporary architecture of the Yunda development combined with overscaled comfort and dramatic design elements.

Guests walk through the entry and encounter a large focal table placed under a floating plane of wood. From this plane, a beautiful custom-designed chandelier becomes a sculpture in the double volume space. Immediately, one’s eyes are drawn to the large woven focal wall behind the front desk. Registration pods float in front of this wall that glows with a subtle blue tone invoking the water elements found in the landscaping and in reflecting pools in the main lobby.

Moving to the hotel and apartment elevators, guests meander over stone bridges that cross over a reflecting pool and bring one into the lobby lounge. The focal point of the space is the dramatic stone-faced lobby bar set against the window wall. Here, large modern landscapes and architectural black and white photographs are hung against the window wall and at the rear of the bar. These are double-sided and create interest from the interior as well as exterior.

Also located on the first level is the grab and go café. Located off the elevator lobby, this space is highly visible to the guest looking for an espresso or a quick meal. This space is also accessible to the Apartment residents as well as the main shopping arcade.


As one arrives at the third floor, there is a sense of excitement prevailing at the Karaoke Club and Wine Bar. An undulating wall and reflecting pool with lights above indicate the entry and lead you through to the registration and wine bar. The Wine Bar is fun and sophisticated with a large mirrored wine display, beautiful sculptures and exciting undulating cast metal back bar. The karaoke rooms themselves offer a variety of layouts and two different color schemes to allow frequent guests a chance for varying experiences. The largest VIP room offers a stage, private bar and restroom as well as soft banquet seating fit for even the most discerning VIP.

The third floor also offers private tea/mahjong rooms which are applied with a soothing color scheme perfect for private entertaining. The floor also houses a snooker/game room and a beauty salon, which all provide the latest amenities.

The fourth floor where the ballroom and meeting rooms are located is grand in scale and materials. Contemporary carpet patterns combined with glass beaded wallcoverings are the focal attention; with hand-blown glass chandeliers and natural stone portals, a contemporary yet sophisticated space is created. The meeting rooms that flank these spaces are supported by a well-supported business centre. Two private boardrooms with anteroom have been provided for VIPs using the hotel facilities.

The spa facilities on the sixth and seventh floors offer all the latest amenities including relaxation rooms, spa treatment rooms, plunge pools and exquisitely designed male and female spa facilities. The design intent here is a soothing and relaxing environment that incorporates natural materials. These include glass mosaics, bamboo flooring, teak furniture and river stonewalls. 


The guestroom is the heart of the hotel experience. Timeless color schemes of taupe, chocolates and blues combined with woven leather and contemporary furniture are the core of the room palette. A built-in wardrobe system has the distinct feel of a high-end clothing boutique and reinforces the sophistication of this property. The guest corridor is an extension of this tailored sophistication. Paneled wood doors and silk shaded wall sconces immediately provide a sense of sophistication and create a high expectation for the guestroom experience.

The executive lounge on the 28th floor is a continuation of this theme. Rich Axminster carpets are played against a large striped Roman shade treatment that creates the shell for this space. The window wall provides great views and is the location for the main dining tables with softer seating towards the interior space.

The 28th floor also houses the Private club.  Upon entering, one is greeted at the reception and can then proceed to the private VIP tea/mahjong rooms or the cigar bar at the far end of the club. The tea rooms have a contemporary yet elegant feel with rich mohair and patterned leather fabrics. The cigar bar is a more masculine environment with a wood floor, large lounge chairs and built-in Humidor displays. 

The Sheraton Hotel, Changsha is an exciting and timeless experience combining a sense of tailored sophistication with modern luxury.

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