Liv / giant 捷安特女性旗舰店

This retail store is constructed to be Giant Bicycle Inc.’s flagship store geared towards the female customer. The first floor comprises the bicycle delivery and display areas. The basement is divided into four sales areas which include the functional furniture, maintenance area, display system and so forth. A “Landscape Jigsaw Puzzle” is the central concept of the floor design, with each piece representing a different recreation scene to present the change of one’s mood during different activities and how they are linked together. Such concept was incorporated in the spatial design for the store and is portrayed through a combination of furniture and the ceiling design. The ceiling is decorated in streamline shapes that resemble clouds to suggest themes of nature. It also serves as an extension of the landscape jigsaw colored cowhide material to create randomly shaped landscapes through the utilization of various patchwork techniques. The focus of furniture design rests on the planning of a multifunctional space that could also function as a convenient yet lavishly decorated environment for recreation so that the store would be more than a dull place that sells bicycles.

As a specialty shopping space intended for female customers, this flagship store features numerous unique designs in many details. On the first floor, the retracted shop front looks just like the frame of a stage; ambient lighting along with indoor trail lights render a well-lit visual space. The display area features bicycles and relevant merchandise exhibited over quadrilateral frames of varying sizes like a museum. The display style not only makes browsing easier for the patrons, but also offers a more refined presentation of the featured products. The basement is designed as a multifunctional space defined with composite furniture that functions as decorative art enticing patrons to stop and rest. The ingenious use of furniture makes the store space more functional and interesting.




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