Bada Bing Nightclub

In the heart of the infamous Kings Cross strip in Sydney, Australia, Bada Bing has set a new standard for entertainment venues. Intimate, rich and sparkling, it’s a celebration of the sassy in classy style.
Bada Bing is named after its namesake gentleman’s club featured in the TV show, The Sopranos.

In an age where pole dancing is the ultimate in body-conditioning fitness, the barriers that once held back the curious are replaced with a healthy appreciation of all things sensual. In this spirit of freedom and openness, fun, flesh and fantasy combine into a winning entertainment combination.

The theme is fantasy. Sumptuous passionate reds and classic golds flow. Its contemporary style meets bordello. Chandeliers are twisted aluminium and bi-pins. The carpet scroll motif is playfully teased out to create a pattern that dances across the floor. Mirrors on every wall expand the space and action, enlivened and softened by the glittering beaded curtains. Like a genie’s veil, the veiled reflections add mystery through infinite, inferred and indefinable vistas beyond. Flesh becomes fantasy in a flattering flurry of visual tricks.

Contemporary features create fresh and practical solutions. LED stage lighting creates individual cross-fading moods for the quickly-changing shows. All chairs and stools swivel to catch the action in comfort wherever it is. Illuminated Marblo coffee tables provide a theatrical lighting feature and impromptu stage at the same time. The modular main stage even separates into two half-moon booth for dancing shows at floor level.

Bada Bing is a leading example of Swerve Design’s “archi-theatre” style. Design principles learnt from our event design work were used in this permanent venue to attract, captivate, connect, manage, entertain and reward. Customers don’t just come to visit. They get front row tickets to a great show each and every time the doors open. It’s a walk on the wild side in comfort and style.

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