Timberland Shibuya Concept Store

Shop front

The designers’ intention was to create “Timberland’s Forest” in Shibuya that would represent an “Urban Forest Environment” where people, urban life, nature, and practical information on quality life and environment get together.

Following Timberland’s renewed global concept - Recycle & Ecology - the Shibuya store is the fourth new concept store after London, Singapore, and Milan. The designers were commissioned by Timberland Japan to design an interior that fits the new global concept, and beyond that, to match and attract the local young people of Shibuya.

To communicate the theme of “recycle & ecology” to the young audience in Shibuya, an entire story was created. The store is explained in three areas: the “Forest” is a conceptual symbol, “Cottage” is the brand’s home, and “Workshop” is a link to industry. When entering the store, visitors walk into an emerging forest. There are also three guiding concepts - to “be educational”, “generate a local solution”, and “present a global attitude” throughout the space.

For the realization, strictly defined rules are made and followed throughout the process: to utilize materials that may normally be discarded, source local materials, analyze the background of the materials before use, and recycle the scrap pieces produced during construction.

Gallery wall at entrance


The symbolic trees at the entrance are used to initiate environmental education through communication between staff and customers. They are movable along the rails and the staff is encouraged to creatively decorate the forest. Material-wise, they are built from thinned wood to keep woods healthy or from naturally fallen trees while some are built from scrap wood. Flooring material is recycled wood used as scaffolding for renovating an old shrine in Hiroshima. These stories can be shared between the staff and customers to make the space a “recycle and ecology” communication centre as well as a store.

Further inside, visitors enter the “cottage” area where they find comfort, the brand’s stability, as well as the “workshop” area in a corner that represents the brand’s linkage to society through industrial and environmental materials such as wood, cement, cardboard and so on.

The white wall on the left is used as a “gallery” to communicate more naturally with susceptible adolescents and draw their attention through artwork ideally curated under the keywords of “recycle & ecology”.

The store’s view should change seasonally with the movable trees and creative decorations to resemble a real forest.

The hope is for the interior concept to catch on in Shibuya radiating an expansion of local appreciation on “recycle and ecology”.


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