Ritz Carlton Sharq Village

Create a five star luxury property that was very authentic to Qatari culture and architectural design motifs.  This was a critical aspect in everything from space planning, architectural detailing and fabric and finishes.  The architecture and master plan of the resort followed a traditional Qatari courtyard layout; therefore the design team was very diligent in providing intimate and memorable experiences throughout the public spaces. 

Lobby and public spaces flow gently into one another while allowing for intimate seating groupings and moments of interest along circulation corridors.  All aspects of detailing were to refer back to authentic Qatari motifs - handrails, stone carvings, and inlaid mosaics create a sense of continuity and refinement that help to reinforce the storyline of the project.

The Conferencing and banquet space is a palatial experience.  A grand reception foyer leads guests to ballrooms where stunning crystal chandeliers and elegant décor can suit the needs of a social or state affair.  State-of-the-art boardrooms and meeting rooms’ complement the Qatari theme but offer conferencing technology that is integrated into the décor of the space.

Within this village that has been created, one will find the Spa has its own identity.  Water features and meandering corridors lead to 23 treatment rooms - each with hand-shaped tubs and heated stone massage beds.  Women enjoy a separate entry and private facilities in keeping with Qatari tradition.


The guest suites are designed to blend tradition and Arabian influence and hospitality with modern amenities.  A large iron-studded wood door is the first indication that what lies ahead is a unique five star experience.  Four poster, canopied beds and Persian carpets are all part of this villa environment.  Each suite contains an oversized tub surrounded by worn sandstone and pebbled glass as well as a private balcony.

Very little written documentation exists on specific Qatari architectural detailing.  The team worked closely with the local architectural group to undertake research and get all the detailing correct.  The goal was to produce a sense of place while at the same time making this a five star international destination.  This meant creating a balance between five star amenities and authenticity.  The guest suites are an example of how the latest technology and amenities were combined with traditional furnishings and detailing to create a luxurious and authentic environment.

The challenge in designing a property like this was to balance the needs of the contemporary luxury traveler with the desire to create an authentic sense of place.  Care was taken to balance clean, modern details as seen in the bathrooms and terraces, with what is local to Qatari culture.  It is also imperative that the theme doesn’t outweigh the timelessness and international appeal of the property.


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