Panorama of the back wall and glass-fin screen.

The experience begins with a transparent storefront tricking the eye, pulling shoppers in before they even cross the threshold. Inside, airy translucent elements in custom-tinted purple and blush paired with sculpted white-on-white fixtures and blends of matte and glossy finishes, turn the beauty bounty into a gallery of mixed maquillage.

The more than 200 cosmetic, fragrance, and skincare collections themselves become the focal points. The sculptural form and a refined materials palette, including glacier-white Corian, pure white terrazzo floor, and custom tinted glass, provide a backdrop for the various beauty collections. Display-wall systems create an aura of adventure, spiriting patrons through this roving ricochet of an art show in a playful, unrestrained game. A continuous sense of discovery is achieved with gentle curves and the total absence of aisles, redefining refinement at every turn.

Sight-lines and architectural screens create a “sense of pause” and work to draw customers through the space. The gallery effect of Murale is further enhanced by an inviting kinetic installation: a backlit, LED “waterfall” that seductively introduces customers into the full-service dermatological treatment area.

Satisfying and rejuvenating, this Burdifilek environment is a new benchmark for retail excellence, as revolutionary as the cosmeceuticals that line the shelves, making shopping easier – and more irresistible – than ever before.

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