Danbo Fun

Danbo Fun means a special kind of omelette in Putonghua where  rice is covered with eggs and other ingredients. It is regarded as a mix of western and oriental food. 

The design concept of Danbo Fun comes from the original Putonghua meaning, which is the vivid and energetic power of eggs.

The site is located at the basement atrium of a department store close to the Zhong Shan Park, one of the major city parks in Shanghai. The department store itself is about 10 stories in height with two-escalator access at the sides on all levels. 

The designer opted for a dramatic visual impact from the top view of each floor. The floor plan resembles a cracked egg where the yolk has spilled out. The main access to the restaurant is from the bottom looking towards the free form egg shape. Vinyl floor tiles in an optical artistic pattern reinforce the visual impact of the yolk by including further loose freestanding furniture. 

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