Saporiti Showroom

Located at the Cendex Centre in Singapore, this is the first ever Saporiti showroom for the South East Asia hub.. The project wants to focus on and sum up the corporate identity of Saporiti Group, that has dealt for several years with avant-garde design, innovative technology and classy material.

The exposition is conceptually divided into three areas:

  • The ‘Home’ area displays the best-sellers of the Saporiti Italia collections over the past five decades.
  • The ‘Office’ space offers a professional and efficient point of assistance and a library of innovative materials and design solutions to designers in Singapore and the rest of the South East Asia region.
  • The ‘Kitchen & Bar’ corner showcases Saporiti’s aptitude of custom-design furniture.

The showroom is built using the most innovative materials and manufacturing technologies, such as optical fiber lights incorporated into lacquered wood, back-lighted Corian, 100% reflective high-gloss lacquering and digitally-printed wood. Another captivating design approach in the Singapore showroom is the ceiling. Made of ‘destructurated plaques’, it creates an interesting and original design surface and, at the same time, creatively hides the electro-mechanical system installations.

A key highlight of the showroom, the ceiling to floor orange-coloured walk-in dome housing the conference room, characterizes the entire image of the space. Built in Italy and composed of over 350 components, the dome’s wood and metal frame is covered by high-gloss orange lacquered wood panels externally and precious ‘pieno fiore cream leather’ internally. The front panel is made with an electrically polarized glass that becomes transparent or opaque, to grant privacy to the meeting-room guests. The floor of the dome is also an absolute innovation in Singapore: a refined ‘leather parquet’ done with compressed-leather tiles.

The Saporiti showroom in Singapore is a true exercise of design and execution of a custom-made project

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