Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan 銀川凱賓斯基飯店

Lobby Lounge

Located in the western Chinese province of Ningxia, Yinchuan Kempinski Hotel is a modern oasis, a brand new meeting place for businessmen and travelers to the Silk Road. In working within the contemporary expectations of the Kempinski brand, a space was created to make discerning international travelers feel the excitement of this timeless design experience. The overall design direction in the space reinforces the contemporary architecture of the exterior, continuous lines and dramatic state-of-art design elements throughout the property.

The sensuous wavy expression of the focal wall in the main lobby recalls the dramatic landscape of enigmatic desert located in the west side of Helan Mountains. The lobby and public areas are modern and expressive in its use of materials. The floral pattern inlaid in the beige linear limestone floor recalls the ancient floral patterns of XiXia pottery. The streamlined seating and zebra wood provide accent focal points in the lobby.

The Lobby Lounge is an experience set in contemporary modern luxury, with artistic feature glass panels along the columns. The three-meal restaurant has a stylish Italian ambience, with simple semi-open special glass partitions.

The Chinese Restaurant is the ultimate indulgence in luxury and refinement. The lower floor is based on a Chinese Courtyard concept. The main stair that connects the two levels of the restaurant feature Chinese pottery of various dynasties; this stair is enfolded in an illuminated onyx wall. Guests dine in private rooms of various sizes designed to tantalize the senses with bold colors and exotic materials.

The second floor ballroom and meeting room level is grand in scale and materials. The pre-function corridor focal wall is complemented by modern art inspired by the various cultural achievements of the XiXia Dynasty over 1800 years ago such as their language and pottery. Contemporary carpet and lighting, and a linear wooden feature wall with illuminated strip lights at the Banquet Hall provide an elegant space for weddings and business.

Spa Reception


The hotel pool and fitness centre at the basement are designed with the feel of a high-end spa that blends modern minimalism and Islamic architectural motifs to provide guests a sense of place with regard to the large Muslim population in Yinchuan. The design intent is a soothing and relaxing environment that incorporates natural materials and sophisticated lighting.

The guest room is the heart of the hotel experience while providing a comfortable residential environment for the international traveler. The guest rooms have the latest in contemporary luxury with a bathroom that can be completely opened up to the bedroom. Guests will feel the tailored sophistication of this environment as an extension of a world class development.


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