Named after the fictional Colombian village in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Macondo serves up Latin American street food. The room was divided into three distinct sections. At the front, a storefront window reveals suspended baskets filled with fresh coconuts and pineapples as well as a screen of rope netting. The middle section features retro styled chairs with adjustable armrests and bar stools with gel cushions. In the back, a dining area with modular booth seating is enclosed by an ivy-coloured trellis and a barrisol ceiling with colour-changeable LCD.

Unconventional uses of material evoke a bustling Latin streetscape. The ceiling is covered with wood chipboard that is typically seen at a construction site. Tables and banquettes are made out of salvaged wood as well as wood chipboard. Inspired by the natural landscape, salvaged wood is used on the bar front in a random stripe pattern. The floor and bar countertops are custom coloured and textured to match the restaurant look. 

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