W Hotel, Atlanta

Undulating hand-carved solid walnut walls provide a rich backdrop to the entryway looking toward the Living Room. Bent-wood screens form intimate enclaves allowing a glimpse of what lays beyond.

W Hotel Atlanta is a modern interpretation of a park oasis in the center of the financial district and the capital of the ‘New South’.  Movement through the space commands a sense of discovery, invoking a playful garden hideaway that is a full departure from the frenetic pace of the concrete urban environment.  It is sexy, sophisticated modernism.  

The entryway draws guests in through a lush garden wall to an interior oasis where natural elements merge with contemporary lifestyle.  Scale and proportion play off one another in the double-height ground floor space; clean lines are complemented by sumptuous textures and rich tones, accented by sculptural elements throughout.  An undulating hand-sculpted solid walnut feature wall offers a literal natural connection in contrast to the abstract interpretation of other natural elements within the space.  The unconventional materials palette is designed to inspire excitement and elicit a refined sense of discovery. 

The check-in/reception area is punctuated by a shimmering overhead mobile.  Its kinetic movement, inspired by the underside of a tree canopy, consists of hundreds of light metal leaves that float above the rich charcoal stone floor, refracting a soft subtle light.  The multi-layered design reveals itself progressively as guests move through the space. 

Curved seating and sectionals in the Living Room appear to organically grow within the space, smaller enclaves allowing for intimate conversation, while the overall design encourages social gatherings and spontaneous interaction.  A 22-foot water feature grounds the space providing a calming, ambient trickling of water culminating in a luminescent onyx reflecting pool.  Luxurious finishes envelop visitors as the juxtaposition of rich texture, form and light create a backdrop for the unexpected. 


Richly appointed suites rendered in shades of mulberry, teal, or deep indigo seduce the senses and extend the sense of discovery brought into play in the Lobby and Living Room.  A fusion of custom carpeting, soft linens, Makassar wood and glossy acrylics reveals an elegant sophistication that promises to delight and comfort.  Every detail in the suites, be it a Single, Double, Loft, Wow or E-Wow, is perfectly considered to heighten the overall experience. 

The design of the W Hotel in Downtown Atlanta projects a truly global aesthetic; a signature space that is a departure from the everyday and makes a timeless statement about what it means to be ‘away’ for business or pleasure.


The Double Room in the Extreme-Wow Suite is a study in comfort, with a stunning city view reaching out below.
A custom wire-sphere art installation adds drama to the Lobby area under a sweeping staircase. Check-in kiosks glow beneath a canopy of shimmering metal leaves.
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