Centara Grand

The Centara Grand and Convention Centre at Central World Plaza is a new 55-story, 506-key luxury hotel in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel’s interiors were envisioned by the client as modern and glamorous, infused with indigenous colors, textures and references to nature. In order to meet this objective, an interior design concept based on the four essential elements of life — earth, air, water and fire — was created and applied strategically to all guestrooms, suites, restaurants, amenities and public spaces.

Guests arriving at Centara’s ground floor lobby are whisked to the sky lobby on Level 23 for check in. For these spaces, a design palette of calm, cool, fresh colors and materials were used to evoke the elemental qualities of water. As Bangkok is a hot, vibrant and dusty city, the design establishes a peaceful counterpoint to these characteristic extremities upon arrival. Innovative design elements incorporating water, such as the water wall and pond on the ground floor and the 12-meter aquarium bar on Level 24, help establish this sense of serenity. Crystal chandeliers evoking waterfalls also accent the sky lobby’s grand staircase.

The vision of a lotus flower floating on water served as inspiration for the guestrooms and suites. A color palette of saffron and fuchsia evoke the flower’s petals, while carpets with a ripple pattern in rich chocolate and charcoal hues create continuity with the water motif in the lobbies. The unusual room plans and exterior geometry created by the hotel architecture posed a challenge that necessitated a creative solution for the various room types. Innovative planning for bathrooms that places the suites’ baths along the exterior wall provides views and makes the best use of space.


The design for Globe, Centara’s lobby bar and lobby lounge, was inspired by the textural richness of earth. Elements such as cliffs, canyons, grottos, and caves are evoked through the use of textured stones, which are tastefully contrasted with minimalist glass and timber finishes. Mini-destinations and private pockets (the ‘grotto’ element) were designed to create spaces within the space.

Ginger, the hotel’s three-meal Thai-themed restaurant, incorporates the qualities of fire — heat, drama, spice, and movement. Through the use of a hot color palette and energetic ‘nodules’ such as open display kitchens and chef’s tables, patrons are privy to a theatrical experience that charges the emotions.

Inspiration for Centara 55 and Red Sky, the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant, was naturally drawn from the element of air. Through the use of light, color and texture, the space provides a glamorous backdrop from which patrons connect with the city below via stunning 360 degree views. An illuminated two-story wine tower is the first thing guests see as they enter the space. This is an example of the drama and transparency woven throughout the design to maintain views while accentuating the theatre of the space. As combined indoor-outdoor spaces, Centara 55 and Red Sky have proved to be a chic and successful night spot. 


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