Futian Shangri-La

Grand lobby

The interior design objective for the Futian Shangri-La, a new 570 key, six-star hotel in Shenzhen, China, involved combining bold, indigenous color schemes with gentle architectural undulations mimicking the rice terraces that characterize the landscape of rural China. Recalling the eponymous Shangri-La depicted in the 1933 novel Lost Horizons, a sense of beauty, strength, calm and tranquility is achieved through the juxtaposition of these elements. 

The hotel’s grand, sweeping lobby demonstrates these concepts.  Stunning Chinese lanterns and a flowing stone pattern visually draw the guest into the lobby, which feels gracious, elegant and classically contemporary.  Set on an innovative and undulating tri-level terraced floor, the lobby offers a welcoming flow for the guest to traverse from entry to reception, guest services, the lifts or the lounge. Enhancing the subtle terracing and indigenous themes, Chinese chinoiserie is alluded to in the rich red and gold hues chosen for carpets, paneling and fabrics. This sensuous color palette, along with comfortable, contemporary furnishings, is balanced by luxurious cream-colored marble floors and colonnades. Magnificent crystal chandeliers cascade from the ceiling, mimicking water fountains in color and sparkle, adding a sense of tranquility.

Guests arriving at the ballrooms and meeting rooms come upon simple paneling in modern Chinese styling that defines the ballroom doors, which are spaced to create a balanced and compelling entry. Inside the ballroom, a grand ceiling height is maximized by decorative Chinese-influenced fabric panels and commissioned art panels. Grand drapes enrich the window elevation, while spectacular contemporary Chinese-inspired chandeliers accentuate the space.

Elevator lobby


The hotel’s guestrooms are traditionally Chinese with a modern twist. A decorative carpet defines the entryway, while a pair of doors paneled in a contemporary Chinese design hint at the bedroom’s silk wall coverings, which echo the same pattern. A two-poster bed with a Chinese silk-paneled headboard and contemporary silk canopy invite guests to unwind in a luxurious, relaxing cocoon.

Challenging aspects of the interior design included coordinating all elements such as structure, architecture, landscape and Chinese code requirements. These were all carefully considered and played a significant role in the realization of the design.


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