Sepia Restaurant and Wine Bar

Sepia was designed with art deco overtones to inspire a sense of timelessness in the interior.    

An entry vestibule with gloss black timber frames forms a gentle transition from the busy, noisy street into bar area, which works not only as a transitional space for pre-dinner drinks, but also as a more casual dining location. The dining spaces have been broken in to main rooms which are located either side of the bar area. This allows like minded diners and functions to be comfortably grouped to minimize any compromise to each group’s dining experience.

Every area has been given its own personality while maintaining a consistency to the colour tones and textures throughout. 

The bar space is enclosed with circular banquette seating upholstered in snakeskin embossed velvet. High dark-stained timber paneling surrounds the banquette providing a subtle separation from the quieter dining spaces beyond. The curved bar itself has been formed from Liguria marble bar reminiscent of Paris or Rome in the early 20th century while the floor has been laid in semi circles of black, white and grey marble to create the drama of a grand European entry foyer.

Continuous timber panelling has been studded with brass studs to form interlocking circular patterns, which add sparkle to the serene mood of the dining rooms. The paneling wraps around the kitchen areas to conceal the frenetic back of house activity.The dining rooms are flanked with banquettes which not only screen the outside street, but also provide graphic decoration with their Art Deco inspired fabric.

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