Sydney Penthouse

Sydney Penthouse /photo:Simon Wood
New mezzanine slicing through existing industrial columns.

The brief was to inject elegance into the apartment, whilst taking cues from the original industrial use of the building.

The main living room is a double height volume, with glass doors to the balcony retracting completely to allow a connection to the balcony beyond. The furnishings exude global sophistication: bespoke Italian embroidered silk cushions, American jacquard upholstery, a Laotain bronze rain drum, and a silk Tibetan rug. The long low sofa is proudly the largest piece in the room, complemented by a pair of armchairs with a dark rattan ring motif. The central coffee table features a bent plywood butterfly base, a form which becomes more sculptural when seen from the mezzanine above. An original 1930’s advertising poster was a flamboyant choice by the client as a bolder counterpoint to the quieter elegance of the interior.

The dynamic dining space is elevated from the main living area to allow guests to see over the living room furniture to the view outside. The clean, bold lines of the furniture create an ordered graphic effect. The large raw steel framed mirror reflects both the natural light during the day, and the sparkle of the sky at night. A marble lined recessed console is practical for entertaining whilst not interrupting the pure geometry of the room.

The clients’ love for entertaining is addressed through functional and aesthetic detail in the kitchen. A glamorous island bench appears as a floating furniture piece. With the sink and cooking areas kept to the bench behind, the island becomes a hub for cocktails and conversation. A series of woven pendant lights hang above to provide ambient light and define the kitchen from the main living room.

The master bedroom is a private sanctuary within the apartment, with double height windows permitting an abundance of natural light. Designed as one cohesive suite, a three quarter height wall separates bedroom from bathroom. This is the focal point of the room and acts as artwork – finished in custom hand painted silk wallpaper. The bed is upholstered in bronze green velvet with bespoke cushions and angora blankets. A natural wicker armchair with a bronze lamp includes a hand forged bird sculpture echoing the wallpaper birdlife.

Behind the hand painted wall, the centrepiece of the bathroom is the pod shaped freestanding bath. The generous mosaic lined double shower makes clever use of an existing semi-circular alcove, a result of the rounded end façade of the building. The double vanity features curved drawer handles, reminiscent of a luxury handbag. Framing the vanity is a frame in dark charcoal granulated paint, a finish influenced by the original industrial use of the building. This is a recurring element throughout select architectural elements in the apartment including the blade walls on either side of the living room stairs.

It is the epitome of Brendan Wong Design, the blend of refined architectural elements and finely detailed furnishings to provide a backdrop for sophisticated and elegant enjoyment.

Sydney Penthouse /photo:Simon Wood
The bedroom with bathroom concealed behind handpainted silk wall.
Sydney Penthouse /photo:Simon Wood
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