Carina Duek Concept Store

With a project signed by Isay Weinfeld, the new store occupies 180m2 distributed on two floors, and is the perfect expression of the fashion developed by the designer, combining the modern to the romantic and delicate.

The facade, all in glass, features an antique wooden wardrobe set in its center, which literally pierces the facade to enter the store. Inside, all is relaxing and welcoming – the colors, the lighting, and every piece on display.

Closets hand-picked all over town at second-hand furniture stores, shades designed by Merrie Shinder, of Canopy Design, illustrations by artist Marcelo Stefanowicz on the walls and, in the dressing rooms, hooks shaped as bows – the brand logo -, are just a few of the details that convey the store a very special atmosphere.

The showroom of the Carina Duek designer brand also is on the third floor.

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