Supperclub Cruise

The ship can roughly be divided in three main areas, Entrée and toilets, Salle Neige and Bar Noir. They each have a different feel to them, and differ as their names suggest in colour.

Flooring in both the entrée area and toilets is red resin. The same red resin is used to cover the stairs leading onto the Bar Noir. The floor of the white Salle Neige is covered with white resin. Upstairs, the Bar Noir is also done with resin, only this time it’s a blackest black.

Walls in the entrée and toilets are red, partly covered in red carpet and partly painted red. There is 20 cm of skirting made with polished stainless steel at both the top and bottom of the walls. The same polished steel (‘chrome steel’) is used to cover walls in the toilets and upstairs in the Bar Noir. Areas not covered by chrome steel in the Bar Noir are painted black. In the Salle Neige, the walls are mostly covered by polycarbonate sheets which are ordinarily used for multiple glazing. Any part of the walls not covered is painted white.

Entrée and toilet ceilings are made of plywood and painted red. In Salle Neige, the existing ceiling was taken out and with the ships construction left in sight, the ceiling is painted white. Upstairs, the Bar Noir has a shiny, high gloss black stretch ceiling, which has a dark mirroring effect.


In the red areas, the light consists of recessed mounted downlights.

The Salle Neige has a variety of lighting. Firstly there is a great number of theatre style pinspots, these chrome lights are mounted on the ceiling. They have a very narrow light beam and by using about a 120 of them, this has a lively effect. In addition to these, the polycarbonate sheets are backlit by tube lights. These tube lights are part of a RGB light system that is DMX controlled and gradually changes into any colour of the rainbow hereby changing the colour and feel of the room.

Upstairs in the black bar, the lighting has the same lively feel created by using similar numbers of lights, this time mounted in the black ceiling. There is constant changing of their light emission to strengthen the effect. The Bar Noir also has a red neon sign that spells bar.


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