Supperclub Rome

When you are in the Supperclub Rome, you will be completely disorientated and feel yourself remote from reality. You have no contact with the outside world. The routing in the Supperclub manipulates and flirts. In the hall, there is security and predictability. The Bar Rouge is a place where you loose your orientation. It is the place where have your first drinks. Le Salle Neige is a replica of Amsterdam. Eat and drink on a bed at the side of a restaurant. The room changes in colour, sound and image every time. Le Bed Baroque proves your intimacy extremely. You eat on a bed with 45 other people.

The floor is made of Travitin. In almost every room, this material is used. The La Salle Neige, La Salle Baroque and Le Salon Colore all feature the white colour. The floor in Le Bar Rouge is deep red. And in Les Toilettes Noire, the floor is made of black high-gloss tiles.

The walls in La Salle Neige, La Salle Baroque and Le Salon Colore are white, so LED light can manipulate the colour. Original ornaments on the walls and ceiling were mostly restored and retained. The walls in the le Bar Rouge are either painted deep red or covered by deep red velour curtains. The walls in les Toilettes Noire have high-gloss black tiles.

The ceilings have been kept simple. They have all been painted with their corresponding colours. And in le Bar Rouge they added some mirrors on the red ceiling.

The concept of the light is to create an experience that can change your mood. The moving heads are from a local brand in Italy and in the middle of the ceiling. The light in the different spaces changes colours by LED light (small computer chips). The small light table sends a DMX signal to a controller which initiates the changes. It is possible to log-in on the computer in Amsterdam and changes the light in Rome.

In the two dining rooms - le Salle Neige and Le Salle baroque, there is also theatre lighting to support the LEd light.  Le Bar Rouge is lightened from the ceiling with pin spots and a neon light frame that contains the red letters ‘BAR’.  Inside de closet is a small light. In the toilets are black-light and a pin spot to light the bowl. There is TL behind the mirror.

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