Vyne consists of two parts. On the right is the “brown café” with oak flooring, walls and ceiling with a long brown leather couch against the wall. This room is reminiscent of the classic French wines, the oak planks serving to give the impression that one is sitting in a wine vat. The left side serves as a wine library with the entire wall of stainless steel parts completely filled with wine bottles. The clinical look melds well with new wines from Chili, Africa and Australia; new wines that are often produced using modern technology. Long bar tables adorn the centre, providing a cozy Burgundian living atmosphere that offers places for approximately 100 people. Vyne also offers a peek into the kitchen that features a “chef’s table” where tasting can be held.

The right side of the bar is a 20 metre long fitted couch. With little tables you can sit here comfortable to enjoy your wine. The couch is at barstool height, so everybody in the bar is at the same eye level, standing, sitting on the couch, and sitting on the barstools. In the middle are five slim bar-tables with barstools. At the left side of the bar is the wine-wall which exists of stainless steel panels 600 mm wide. The panels contain handles with a specially designed system to carry the wine bottles.

The last section of the wine-wall is a cooled wine showcase. Here the wine bottles can be stored at different temperatures.

At the oak ceiling, lighting is provided by randomly placed chrome bolsters, which makes the lighting dynamic and theatrical.

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