The Oterra Hotel, Bangalore

Lobby entrance

The Oterra Hotel offers a luxurious respite to business travelers in the Indian city of Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Necessary amenities are combined in a way to make this enticing property the social and executive hub of Electronic City.

The cultural heritage of Bangalore provides a rich backdrop against which technological development flourishes. The designers aimed to integrate technology into the language of their design. There is a sense of connectivity and continuity in the elements introduced that form the language of the hotel. Some of these defining elements are circles, circuitry, and the layering of texture.

Guests arrive and enter through a series of layers, a grand scaled atrium lounge draped in undulating sheers that move softly with the air flow. A large infinity sculpture captures the center of the space with sculptural seating groupings that define circulation paths. As guests pass into the lobby proper, the registration event is clearly indicated. Here, etched onyx reflects local patterns integrated with floor patterns inspired by circuit board designs. The result is a clean architecture with layers of detail that reduce the scale of the space.

An exciting Lobby Lounge is developed with a curved banquet which creates intimate seating groupings for guests, but still feels open to the lobby. This bar is double-sided and has transparency that gives guests views into the specialty restaurant.



The specialty restaurant has a modern Italian theme. Elements of old world style such as brickwork and mosaic inlay floors are combined with exciting lighting and contemporary art to create a timeless and unique experience for guests from around the world.

Moving past the guest elevators, one finds the three meal restaurant experience. This is a clean lively space that welcomes guests at all times of the day. The restaurant flanks the inner courtyard and has a sense of indoor-outdoor space. The focal point of this space is the oval grid ceiling which filters and plays with natural light, creating an exciting atmosphere any time of the day or evening. Two private dining rooms allow flexibility in the space and cater to executives planning breakfast meetings or private luncheons. The buffet zone in this space is an exciting glimpse into the kitchen. The entire wall becomes a backdrop for a food experience where one might see chefs preparing pizzas, Indian specialties and exciting entrees. From this location, the buffet can also be seamlessly re-stocked which adds to the functionality of the space.


Guestroom design here is exciting and fresh while also adding a touch of Indian flavor in a contemporary way. The language introduced on the ground floor is carried through into the guestroom. The case pieces and headboard feel builtin in nature. The color scheme is refined to accommodate the business traveler with an accent of deep red to add a residential touch to the space. The carved screens against the window reflect local Indian carvings yet feel in place.

An executive level complements the guestroom design with the addition of rich fabrics and finishes that will appeal to discerning executives. The executive club at this level offers the best of conveniences and services. A sculptural sit-down registration desk greets VIPs. A private boardroom is accessible as well as a buffet and media library. A drink rail lines the window to afford beautiful views of the surrounding development.

The ultimate nightspot is the rooftop lounge. The exciting experience begins from the moment guests step out from the elevator. Guests step from a darkened room of projected patterns through a threshold into a sculptural circular room. A host leads you down a corridor into the space. Here, a carved wall of portals creates pockets of experiences. A bar and soft seating, banquet seats and a private projection room are all part of the experience. Carved high gloss panels, stacked wood forms, and mirrored glass floors make this a luxurious space. The entire space is able to open to the terrace outside. Glass canopies and dramatic lighting make this entire space visible from below.

The ballroom and meeting rooms are a sophisticated experience for business and occasional social events. The entry is a grand statement which will be seen from all locations in the public space of the property. The pre-function space opens onto the interior courtyard. The main feature of the space is the entry wall of the ballroom. There is a stacked wall of wood glows. One enters the red box of the ballroom through large wooden portals. Once inside the ballroom, crystal fixtures can be seen hanging from floating plains above. Two woven wood end walls are internally illuminated and create visual interest for the scale of the ballroom. Smaller meeting rooms were created on the second floor as well as a permanent boardroom with anteroom for senior executives. These spaces are divisible and can be configured for interviews and smaller functions.

This property sets a benchmark for Electronic City as well as Bangalore proper. Through continuity of design language and great attention to detail, a new five star standard has been created for the region. The level of innovation and comfort combine to create the splendid reputation of Oterra Hotel.

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