Upstairs was designed for elegance and maturity: a sophisticated room with a great view. Located above and sharing a kitchen with “The Estate House,” a full service formal restaurant, Upstairs was conceived as the hidden attic lounge known only to those ‘in the know.’ The project is within a new mixed use urban development on a revitalized site in Scottsdale; a thoroughfare of shopping, dining, interactive pedestrian activity and a popular venue for public and private cultural events. From the luxuriously furnished patios on the north and south sides, guests can take advantage of the views of Old town Scottsdale and have a bird’s eye vantage point of the canal, and at Old town Scottsdale and the iconic Camelback Mountain in the distance. Entering this luxurious lounge and urban bar feels like a discovery both in its hidden location and its suave design in a town known more for its casual off the street informality.

The plan for this hideaway lounge and gathering space is designed as a sequence of rooms surrounding a private meeting space conceived as the parlor. This private meeting area was created to allow small private functions with or without the parlor like furnishings. This fully A/V equipped space can be utilized and has convenient access to the main entry area and its own connection to the elegant restroom facilities. The private meeting room has a similar look and feel to the main lounge, consisting of distressed, antiqued dark leather, crystal table lamps and a collection of traditional and modern art and accessories designed to enhance the notion of a space that was collected over time.

Material and furnishing selections throughout are designed to be perceived as a sophisticated living room to enhance comfort without sacrificing luxury. Traditional materials are paired with modern forms and a few modern lighting accents are used to play up the urban attitude. Over-scaled decorative gilt mirror and elegantly polished piano contrast with the worn antiqued dark leather custom-made barstools and heavily grained distressed wood on the floor. Guests pass through and around the boomerang shaped polished wedge bar flanked with sumptuous full backed booths softly lit from hanging Venetian blown glass pendants. Padded ivory channeled curved leather walls contrast with the patterned terra cotta velvets and dark wood tables and trim. Dark wood fin-like ceiling ribs carry the eye visually into the lounge beyond. Soft and sensuous velvets on the overstuffed custom made seating pieces are characterized by deep colors of terra cotta and amber to contrast with the deep red leather inviting guests to stay awhile.

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