Trouw Amsterdam

TrouwAmsterdam is a late night restaurant, club and art space situated in the former newspaper printing warehouse of Dutch national newspapers Trouw, Parool, NRC and Volkskrant. Trouw is a temporary project that started in 2009 conceived in a time of worldwide crisis. TrouwAmsterdam fuses music, food, and contemporary art and culture together in an unconventional way. 

The interior is dominated by a grandstand. It gives the high, long, and narrow space a second floor and acts as a divider to create two distinct spaces on both sides; a club on one and a restaurant on the other. 

From the top of the grandstand, patrons can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the club and restaurant while all practical supplies for the bar are hidden inside. Its design is inspired by a moving printer-head which leaves black ink traces on the ceiling and walls. The concept reflects the original use of the building and the production of offset machines.

The cellar serves as the entrance, with the wardrobe and toilet on one side, and a culture and art space on the other.

Because of the temporary aspect of the project, being open for a period of 2 years, the budget was very limited. We thus had to focus on the essential components of the project.

The character of the new interior is defined by effectiveness, speed, clear-focused ambition, and the desire to relate to the original qualities of the space. The elements of energy, night and music have been constant throughout the project. 

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