Drinkshop, W Hotel, Atlanta

Drink Shop is an artisan bar on the second floor of the new, 28 story, W Hotel and residence development in downtown Atlanta.  The concept expresses the craft of drink making where guests can watch the step by step of drinks making.

A large ice block is featured at the point of the bar and used by all bartenders. Macerated fruits and fresh ingredients, served with chipped ice from the giant block, are all on full display. Three ingredient rails are built into Drink Shop’s Bar. The back bar is stainless steel with glass-door freezers displaying frozen glasses and liquor. The whole bar becomes a production stage.

The ice concept runs throughout the lounge. The ceiling is composed of striated panels in cool whites, grays and blues. Dark poured terrazzo floors, with integral mother of pearl and stainless steel accents contrast with white lacquered walls and glass panels. Built-in mohair banquettes that extend to the ceiling create intimate seating areas that offer slot views across the lounge and through to the elevator vestibule. A long, low wood table is on axis to a high resolution ice image etched into a black mirrored wall.

Innovative design aspects: Bar houses/displays large blocks of ice, circular stair with integral lighting feature, high gloss lacquer painted ceiling, etched black glass wall.

Building materials: epoxy terrazzo flooring, etched black mirrors, stainless steel mesh bar die wall, mohair fabric, Ceasar stone bar top and lacquered wall panels.

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