Hotel Amano


The vision of the client was creating a personal home with a unique atmosphere.

The main aim of the floor plan was to connect the functions of a hotel keeping the public space open. Lines of sight and changing views to the outside create unity.

The main element of the design concept was reduction of essentials, but also creating quality and timelessness. Detailed interior fittings give a high degree of comfort. The atmospheric colors and materials exude warmth.  Fair-faced concrete, shining copper walls, antique patchwork carpets and chairs characterize public spaces.

The Hotel Amano interprets historic grand hotels with antique carpets, velvet seating and copper surfaces. The Lobby and the breakfast room flow into one another. The breakfast room includes round banquet tables, one solid wood table and a wall integrated buffet. Only around the solid wood table stand eye-catching orange neon chairs. They are the sole accents on the ground floor.

The Amano Private is a convention room for invited dinners or small conferences. It opens to the street like a showcase and offers views into the heart of the hotel.

The Amano Bar is a metaphor for a grand hotel cigar lounge. Mirror bands on the wall unseal the room and ennoble it. American walnut-coated walls, a green perched marble counter and timeless lounge chairs create the perfect background for the bohemian society of Berlin. During the day, it’s a haven for relaxation, and at night, artsy types get together for the best drinks in the city.



The gem of the hotel is the roof terrace. It offers a withdrawal from the tumultuous city life. There you can look around the skyline of Berlin. Oriental furniture alternates with Italian design. In the same way, the garden invites you to relax and offers a beautiful breakfast space in summer.

The furnishing of the 115 hotel rooms are branded with premium materials and straightforward design. In addition the hotel offers comfortable apartments from 25 sq m to 90 sq m for guests who don’t want to miss the feeling of being at home. The apartments and the rooms are characterized by monochrome coloring accented with touches of neon orange.

The Corridors are pure white contrasted with an explosion of colors in the carpet. The carpet was designed and custom-made for Hotel Amano. Typical hotel carpet patterns are combined with a wild patchwork.

The main theme of mix and match is evident in every part of the interior. Opposing colors, patterns and styles are mixed up and rejoined to a new ensemble. This signature combination appears in seating, carpet patterns, tableware and other objects.

The interior design results from a close collaboration between the client and the design team. Berlin is defined by extremes. The interior design of Hotel Amano reveals new insights and creations fusing opposites just like the city of Berlin.


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