Le Porc de Versailles ベルサイユの豚

In Japan, there is a famous comic book called the Rose of Versailles in which Marie-Antoinette is introduced. This restaurant’s name originates from this parody as does its design concept. The interior is not gorgeous as the palace of Versailles. Instead, it is casual like the menu. The menu focuses on pork cuisines from around the world. At the entrance, guests can see a painting of Marie Antoinette hugging a pig to create a laugh, in the main dining room, there is a big round table with a pig sculpture (FRP modeling) that rotates every hour. Along the window, there are strings of ping-pong balls which functions as a curtain as well as a logo. The inspiration for this came from the back stage of a popular American hard rock band called Kiss. 

Kiss’ music, black tone style, and eye-catching flashy colors created a striking image. 

The interior designer credited artists, comics, movies and fashion for inspiring him rather than the work of famous architects or designers. 

The seating in this restaurant is very tight but highly efficient. The round table with the pig sculpture is most popular but the private rooms are also very popular for holding big group events.

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