Bell, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications service providers, enlisted Burdifilek, one of Canada’s top retail design firms, to elevate and rejuvenate the company’s branded retail environment.  The challenge was to create a store design that reflects the approachable, clean-lines of the brand’s new corporate identity and showcases Bell’s products and services. 

Knowing the environment had to work double duty to stand out in the marketplace and be instantly recognizable Burdifilek took an approach that is, in principle, simple.  Starting with a color palette that included only four variants: blue, white, grey and black, the Burdifilek design team introduced a signature materials palette and an expressively form-driven vocabulary to create an environment that is uniquely Bell.

Upon approach, the signature Bell blue immediately attracts passers-by.  A transparent blue-tinted Starfire glass screen provides a backdrop for widow displays all the while providing a glimpse beyond to the interior store environment. Playing with scale and proportion, the design team introduced an oversized back-lit Bell logo along the length of the store, providing an instant visual connection back to the brand.   

The overall environment is very warm and approachable.  Easy to navigate, intuitive product displays and touch-screen messaging was developed to ensure easy access to product information.  The mid-floor fixturing also encourages a sense of discovery as shoppers move from one zone to the next.  The display placement throughout the store compartmentalizes the offering and provides flexibility for new products as technology evolves.


Referencing the ergonomics of an actual mobility device, the visual vocabulary of the fixtures mimics the product itself.  Crisp white Corian display surfaces allow the typically black and silver product to ‘pop’.  The design also allows staff to service customers in a traditional manner – across the selling counter, but also to easily service the customer shoulder to shoulder encouraging more friendly personalized contact. 

Behind the cash desk, a collage of floating white cubes and smiling faces provide the personality and warmth of the brand message.  The sculptural quality of the interior fittings establishes a point of memory in the minds of consumers. 

Burdifilek created an authoritative statement for the brand that has a definitive wow factor.  The connection back to Bell’s corporate identity was top priority; current and future advertising campaigns will be showcased within this design as they become part of the overall architecture.  The real success of this concept is in the details and in the overwhelmingly positive reactions from the client and Bell’s customers alike.


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