Commune Cafe

Commune Café is a modern space utilizing light woods, recycled felt upholstery, cork pendants, custom wood tables and bright red chairs, creating a contemporary and inclusive room.

The space is organized around the service kitchen, with large custom food display units and dark stone countertops. The menu boards are written with magnetic letters, easy to change and viewable from any location in the room. The dining area has a capacity of 26 seats, and comprises a long white oak communal table with 18 red lacquer chairs and custom built booths at the perimeter. The four 2-person booths are also built in white oak, with seat cushions made from recycled wool industrial felt. Above the communal table hang three cork pendant lamps by Benjamin Hubert. At the back of the dining room there is a large scale, vibrant mural that depicts a time when the cafe was the hub of social life and the inspiration for the exchange of ideas and creativity.

The exterior of the corner site space is wrapped by a dining patio constructed entirely of western red cedar.  The patio has space for an additional 24 seats, and is useable year round. Jasper Morrison Air Arm Chairs by Magis provide a clean compliment to the sleek patio details and glass curtainwall frontage.

Branding for the café was also used extensively on the exterior. Bright red vinyl window coverings provide a dramatic punch of colour and graphics framing the patio, while the central message of “those who eat together stay together” greets the guests upon entering the room.

The client requested a holistic sustainable approach, and this is manifest in the use of FSC certified wood flooring, recycled felt, low flow plumbing fixtures, energy efficient lighting, durable stone and stainless work surfaces and exposed concrete ceilings. This complements the recycling and food composting programme the kitchen strictly adheres to.

There is a common design language used throughout Commune with Evoke being responsible for: interior design, custom-designed furniture, wall mural design and illustration, menus and all branding (including name development, logo identity, collateral graphics, signage).

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