20th Street Offices

The design of the 20th Street Offices was an architectural exploration in efficiency. Both its productivity and the internal work environment have minimized the impact of the building on its external environment. Environmental sensitivity went into all aspects of the design and construction of the 20th Street Offices.

The initial concept began with an open linear tube-like form sitting atop a series of frames. This concept allowed the occupiable space to be lifted above the at-grade parking, maximizing opportunities for open green space, natural ventilation and daylight. With the open ends oriented to the east and west, the natural flow of air coming off the Pacific Ocean circulates through the tube, maximizing fresh air and minimizing the need for mechanical systems. The building envelope of the tube element consists of custom-designed diamond pattern cladding, fabricated out of sheet metal. This cladding, combined with recycled content insulation of high R-values, minimizes heat gain and puts less stress on the mechanical systems as well. The open ends of the tube allow for natural daylight to permeate deep into the space through the 20’ tall glazing assembly on either ends, naturally illuminating over 75 per cent of the building and minimizing the need for artificial lighting.


The design of the building to primarily function on natural and passive systems makes for a highly efficient and refreshing work environment for its occupants. The intent of the creative working studios is to provide a healthy, open flexible space where occupants thrive on expansive views, ocean breezes, and natural sunlight. Broken up into different multifunctional spaces, the offices allows occupants, visitors and clients to congregate for discussions and events, hold visual presentations, share a meal, watch a film or even hold a yoga class on the green roof. The building design and performance is a large portion of reaching low-impact and efficiency goals, but it’s the occupants’ and visitors’ use of the space and environmentally conscious contributions that make up the rest of the equation. The 20th Street Offices strive to create a lifestyle, an office culture and a connection to the community synonymous with its environmentally conscious informed design. The building functions as a laboratory and gallery to explore ideas, test products, promote green initiatives and market ‘building responsibly’ to its clients and the surrounding community.
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