Mulberry Bond Street

The interior design by Universal Design Studio provides an open and informal layout over 5,400 feet of retail space set on one level, where customers are encouraged to meander through the sections at their leisure. To maximise the ability to reflect the change in pace of retail life the majority of fixtures are freestanding and fully flexible, allowing for the manipulation and reconfiguration of the internal architecture.

The store reflects many features of a modern art gallery; juxtaposing informal, open spaces and daylight simulating, energy-conserving light boxes. The vast open space and raw concrete ‘warehouse’ style floor is a visual canvas for the refined, bespoke features such as handmade irregular tiles and the textural contrasts between crafted oak, smooth brass and white lacquered surfaces.

Different materials are contrasted in all aspects of the interior makeup, for example the brass tablets designed by Jonathan Ellery set into the floor, or in the service area where an 8.7 metre polished brass cash desk is contrasted with the gloss-lacquered panels behind that are designed to reflect light into the narrowest area of the store.

There are also sculptured oak timber and textured brass ‘follies’ that break up the store space and offer an intimate shopping environment within the open-plan floor layout. The environmental concerns of such a large space have been addressed as an integral part of the design brief.


Mulberry worked closely with Max Fordham, consulting engineers who implemented energy efficient concepts into the new store design. As well as the construction and design process there are measures in place for ongoing energy monitoring, designed to create an environmentally aware retail space and working atmosphere sphere.

A key feature supporting energy conservation is an undulating stone wall forming the backbone of the store, created using the traditionally British craft of dry stone walling. The wall is an ingenious part of the mechanics of the store, retaining heat in the winter and cooling the air in the summer. Equally inspired is the adaptation of a simple Roman idea; polished brass back plates behind lamps in one of the follies reflect light back into the space, maximising the efficiency of the fittings. Universal Design Studio is expecting the store to receive a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ which is very unusual in retail constructions and space.

The 50 New Bond Street store is the first flagship to feature this new concept, with several international stores currently under construction. Elements of the design concept have already been incorporated into new stores in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai. By subtly contrasting the traditional with the modern, customers are given the chance to immerse themselves in a new retail environment, maximising their enjoyment of the product and appreciation of the space around them.


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