The founding concept of Minibar was created by three Dutch friends who were looking for a different way of having a drink in a relaxed environment. No more queues, or trying to catch the bartender’s eyes, or being ignored at the bar; but a comprehensive selection of drinks taken at your own pace, from your own personal minibar.
We translated this idea into an experience.

At the Minibar, you’ll be welcomed by a receptionist, checked in and given a key to your own personal minibar. There are beer bars, champagne bars or regular bars filled with a combination of drinks allowing you to go straight, mixing up a storm or trying an exotic beer or two. Every bar has a list of drinks and their prices, and if you’re a little hungry, there is a delicious selection of nuts, for something more, sushi and curry can be ordered and delivered.

After a good time with friends or clients, or just having chilled with a magazine at the reading table, you can check out at the reception and pay the bill.

The building in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam was a busy wood factory in the 1960’s. Based on pictures found in the archives, the 60’s façade has been recreated, using 4 metre high wooden and glass panels to keep an open character. To preserve this feeling of space and history, but to keep the weather out when the doors are folded open, a glass façade has been placed about 1.5m further inside the building. These 4 metre high panels are ceiling high and constructed with a solid metal frame. The small area created between the doors and the façade is a perfect space for the smoking guests; smoking outside the bar but still under the same roof and continue to be part of the party. Smokers are even provided with a stylish refurbished cigarette vending machine of the 60’s.

To create a distinguished and luxury feel at the central area of  Minibar, base colours and materials have been used to provide a clear and stylish contrast. A range of quality raw materials form the backbone. The custom made stainless steel, leather and oak furniture, in combination with warm colours, add contrast and style to the raw base.

This emphasizes the concept of the Minibar:

Placing the main ingredients, the custom made luxurious furniture into just any space in the world.

The contrast of raw and luxury is best experienced as a journey through the bar. Check in at the concrete reception desk with concrete floor and walls, get your minibar key and move into the oak woodblock floor, stainless steel fridges, and settle on the leather couch. Enjoy the digitally projected wallpaper that adds vibrancy to an ever-changing world of animation across the wall.

Each of the 3 stainless steel fridges contains 15 minibars with their own number, lock and transparent door with individual colour coding. The warm colours from the fridge filters in combination with the golden accent of the 18 suspended lamps, the wooden floors and tables give the central area a warm atmosphere.

The fridges are all placed at an 83 degrees angle from the walls to allow the guests a great view of the space walking towards the 45 minibars. The 83 degrees angle is carried through into the rest of the interior, with the wooden bar tables, long custom made leather couch, and line of spots on the ceiling. To complete this picture, even the glass façade and floor borders are set at the same 83 degrees.

At the rear of the building, further on from the luxury and comfort of the bar area, the concrete motif/theme continues at the reception area. A spacious reading table cast in solid concrete with an oak wood block top sits on the returning theme of a raw concrete floor.

The back of the house enables staff to restock the fridges, as clients select their choices from the front. An indicator lights up when a fridge is opened, allowing the staff to check and refill the fridge from the rear as needed. Through a hand held computer, this information is relayed electronically to the reception, so the bill can be paid.

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