Levi’s, Regent Street


CK’s relaunch of Levi’s UK Flagship store on Regent Street provides visitors with a complete brand experience at the ultimate jeans wear destination.

The re-crafted flagship store is designed to demystify what makes one pair of Levi’s distinctly different from another - and that of its competitors – whilst easing the buying process for customers.

The store is a demonstration of Levi’s craftsmanship and is designed as a journey through an artisan’s  working environment, which starts as you step off the street into a ‘courtyard’. This transition space is designed to create a vibrant, engaging and creative experience of the world of Levi’s, and will showcase everything from exclusive product collaborations to art exhibitions providing a level of intrigue and impact unique to fashion retailing.

Through two sets of huge factory doors, visitors enter the main body of the store where the latest collections are displayed. The look and feel is clean and industrial, reflective of a workshop or factory. It’s deliberately purposeful and real, furniture and fixtures are designed to be simple, functional and flexible. The design seeks to make telling rich product stories the key focus.

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Along the left hand wall, running over the stairwell, is the product gallery; this cowl panelling is inspired by textile inspection cabinets, and provides a canvas where seasonal and promotional product stories can be told.

Follow the contemporary glass staircase, down to the basement and the ‘Inspection Room’ where a true sense of expertise, knowledge and inspiration can be found. Key fits and finishes are displayed on tailor’s forms and in illuminated stove enamelled inspection cabinets - a contemporary take on the haberdasher’s counter.  Customers can browse freely and self select or request the help of ‘Artisans’ who will be on hand to offer specialist advice about Levi’s jeans.

The basement also houses the 501 Jeans warehouse. Here, customers will find a staggering 22 different washes of the original button fly jean, with the 501 Jeans table to the centre floor presenting the most popular in an easy-to-shop display.

In the fitting rooms, walls are crafted with duck canvas, a reproduction of the original canvas used by Levi Strauss in the 19th Century. The doors are scaled versions of the heavyweight doors found at the entrance to the store, suggesting industrial purpose and quality. Alongside the fitting rooms, a display of vintage weaver’s shuttles pays a subtle homage to the brand’s craft and roots.

CK has created a place where craftsmanship and authenticity deliver the most genuine experience of the brand in Europe.


From left: Customer notices, Punched metal detail and Bespoke door furniture.
‘Inspection’ gallery displaying key product stories.
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