Libre Cigar Lounge

The signature feature is a double walk-in dehumidifiers. From anywhere inside the lounge, guests can see cigars. They offer a wide collection of premium Cuban cigars. Dehumidifiers are made of glass and stainless steel and designed to keep the humidity managed 24 hours of the day. The other feature is the library like interior designed for single guests to enjoy cigars at ease. The interior, characterized by floor lamps and chairs, defines private space for the most exclusive guests. It has earned a good reputation as the best cigar lounge that people can enjoy privacy or party every night with friends. It is catered for big groups and single person. Opened in May 2009, the lounge is the place for European to enjoy a moment of bliss and ecstasy from Shanghai’s clutter. For Chinese, the place is where they indulge in European culture. People gather here for the professional service of cigar selection and enjoyment. According to the late Chinese market research, cigar bars will be expanded in the near future. In the world of cigars, there is no border. We want to express it.

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