1OAK is Nachum’s mysterious kingdom. Dark and spectacular, it is a secret world full of illustrious energy. Rich fabrics, seductive elements and natural materials create an extraordinary and edgy design of the most exclusive night club in New York City.

Entering the heavy wood exterior doors, a narrow hallway is faintly aglow. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is engraved onto the walls in gold script leading you into the elite nightclub. To your right is an immense decorative lacquered bar made of black glass and to your left is a wooden letter wall built from layers upon of typography to create an alphabetical code. The wood letters have been burnt, treated, and painted in gold creating an effect of brilliance and luminosity. Natural pendant light fixtures are custom made from recycled bicycle tires to illuminate the incredible wall of text.

The dance floor was designed with special attention to symmetry; the DJ booth centers the room with elevated banquets for upscale bottle service on either side. Directly facing the DJ booth is an overhead cinema style seating area with chairs that are custom made of black leather and iridescent gold studs. Gold stripper poles and rich dark flowing curtains give a sense of intimacy and privacy. This ingenious design creates energy on the dance floor and in the elevated cinema area as guests from either perspective become both the entertainers and spectators.

The ceiling, entirely made of wood, is arched and follows the form and design of an ark to give the nightclub an enchanting atmosphere, a feeling of a mind-blowing journey, an escape from reality, and a sense of a new beginning.

The floor is made of black and white Herringbone wood panels creating movement and an infinite sense of endless repetition.

Essentially, the focal point of the dance floor is a 6-m original canvas oil painting by Roy Nachum of two perfectly mirrored horses, a young boy with a crown covering his eyes and a white horse at a distance.

Parallel to the dance floor is a small elevated room opens with full view of the club. The Red Room is a space inside a space with a completely different energy and atmosphere than the rest of the club, an intimate setting with crocodile leather sofas and an inviting fireplace. The walls are lined with red ostrich leather and black mirrors and a 4-m original canvas oil painting by Roy Nachum of two perfectly mirrored buffalos and a striking young woman exploring nature.
Beyond the Red Room is an outdoor smoking lounge partially enclosed by mirrored walls.

The bathrooms are a floor below the club featuring 12 private stalls with luxury gold sinks, gold fixtures, black subway tiles and an oversized golden gun on the wall indicating power and strength.

10AK is intimate, sleek, sexy and chic. It is Nachum’s imagination and ability to create fantasy through design that has made this place an elusive escape from reality. 

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