Mel’s Burger Bar

Mel’s Burger Bar is Nachum’s unique interpretation of the classic American burger joint. The combination of custom made industrial elements and rich texture creates a warm and almost rustic setting. Nachum re-invents the traditional.
At first glance, Mel’s Burger Bar appears to have been open for many years, but a closer look at the vintage burger shack revels the deeper complexity of the new restaurant opened in 2010.
Like entering into another world, Mel’s is a new dimension of the 1950’s drive. Its signature custom made, oversized red metal sign - MEL’S covers the entire back wall, and catches attention from off the street. The gigantic light sign stands six-feet tall and twelve-feet wide with 850 light bulbs.  Imagine driving down the highway looking for a place to eat, what is the most likely thing to catch your eye? A six foot tall illuminated sign!  The massive sign adds to Mel’s distinctive vintage personality.
Vintage and authentic are two words that can be used to describe Mel’s design elements, from the pendant lights to the tin original bar top, the 279 sq. m. restaurant seats 140 with an outdoor patio with seating for 18. The warm and inviting atmosphere uses a generous amount of heavily grained 200-year old distressed wood beams. Custom tables and a mix of vintage wood chairs all carry its own unique personality. Black and white checkered floors are accentuated with bright red oversized tufted leather to embrace the room.
Oversized handmade chalkboards line the walls with a unique spin on the hand written menus and hand-drawn images of the 50’s.
Three-dimensional exposed brick creates full texture. Nachum cleverly turned each brick to a 45-degree angle to revel brick in a new light. Each brick was hand made locally in Brooklyn, NY to give a distressed feel.
Oversized wood panels are custom created and made to look vintage. The “Hamburgers” sign and American flag were hand painted. Mel’s is Nachum’s one-of-a-kind Burger Bar where everything has been custom designed from the imitable oversized light sign to the oversized beer jugs.
Nachum is known for custom designing all of the elements within his designs. He has the unique ability to see the space in which he designs as an infinite sculpture in which viewers will experience from the inside.
With Mel’s Burger Bar, Nachum strove to create a NEW burger-centric restaurant that appears as though it had been open for years. It is a distinct vintage burger shack unlike any other.
One of the biggest challenges was to source unique materials that looked old, worn out or vintage, and to find the perfect wood that would give Mel’s that dated feel. Nachum managed to create a unique and timeless restaurant.
Mel’s Burger Bar is the ultimate burger and bar experience - casual with an engaging atmosphere reminiscent of a classic roadside burger joint. 

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