Sable Kitchen + Bar

Designed by Puccini Group, Sable Kitchen & Bar is soothing and sleek. Running the length of the establishment, floor-to-ceiling windows stream lights in the bar and dining spaces, illuminating a rich, deep palette, and lush textures abound in shades such as oxblood, brown and black. Spanning well over 9 m, the 16-seat bar is among the longest in Chicago and with a 34-seat lounge, guests are beckoned to stay for one more drink, and then another. An exhibition kitchen complete with a brick oven accents an energetic backdrop to the dining room comfortably seating 72, while an outdoor patio runs the length of the space seating 36 guests.

At Sable, design tips its hat to the alchemical power of the bar and to the sophisticated comfort of the 40’s and 50’s. A warm welcome from the host stand and a gathering of friends at the large communal table make the bar and lounge feel like an upscale version of your favorite living room. The convivial, hopping bar is a centerpiece for the space with glowing mixology stations and a massive chandelier designed by the talented Brooklyn artist, Lindsey Adelman. The chandelier is made of glowing orbs representing the molecular make up of liquor. Standing behind radiant onyx boxes inset into the bar top, mixologists mimic chemistry experiments as they create one-of-a-kind drinks. Behind them are glowing panels of two mysterious and beautiful women overlaid with the molecular structure of cocktail recipes, who give smoldering looks to guests enjoying a social plate or a hand crafted cocktail. Decanters resembling morphed laboratory containers glow underneath light fixtures emulating strands of molecules. Comfortable and creative seating options, including oversized oxblood leather booths envelope guests as gold columns glitter behind them while tufted leather Freudian chaise lounges embrace guests and ease their spirit. As guests make their way from the bar into the lounge, they pass by the digital flames encased in oversized yellow veined Michelangelo marble, a perfect addition for long Chicago winters.

Wandering into the dining area, you will find yourself at a bouncing supper club with the care-free energy of the years past. The metallic textured chairs paired with sleek booth seating to represent the allure of vintage details paired with modern industrial touches.  The overall effect of the streamlined shapes coupled with the warm Chicago welcome make this place an attraction for both hotel guests as well as youthful locals looking for a good time. 

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