Monkey Bar

The Blue Monkey Restaurant in Zurich, Niederdorf, braves its new smoking room despite of the non smoking law and has indeed recognized the need to offer its guests a little more than just a musty room.

Included in the entire concept created by the young Swiss designer duo, James Dyer-Smith and Gian Frey, is the separate smoking room equipped with a small refined bar, a cozy lounge and seating made for comfort. Just as if The Monkey Bar had been set as a cigar lounge in the 20s, it’s been assigned classic, dark shades and bright, highly set spotlights creating a welcoming, warm elegance.

The combination of the verdant wall paint coupled with black and white photographs of stars of the olden days, together with the Parisian wall lights fitted with champagne coloured fabric and polished brass, it encompasses every guest with serenity. A real eye-catcher is the antique chandelier purchased in Milan. The continuous, clean, modern lines following through to the translucent Corian custom-made bar top give the space a rather refreshing feeling. Unique dark solid wood side and coffee tables have been designed especially for the new bar enriching the austere tone.

Amongst the entire collection of furnishings, which have clearly been chosen with heart and soul, whether selected or designed, one may encounter some rarer details: sophisticated and hydraulically adjustable folding tables that can be adapted for either a two or four seater layout plan. And in the bar counter an “M” has been laser-engraved onto the foot rail, only noticed by those who have an eye for detail. The floor-standing speakers were given solid wood covers and over the chesterfield of the lounge hang the head of a gorilla, matching the corporate design. The geometrically arranged antiqued mirror underlines the successful combination of classic and modern accents, leaving a timeless impression.

Quality, emotion, detail-rich and client-specific orientation are key components of Dyer-Smith & Frey, achieved through persistent hunted gems throughout Europe and their perfectionist home made custom creations and impeccable skill for prestigious corporate design.

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