Project is a three room venue consisting of a main room Project One, second room Project Live and Go-Go Karaoke. The spaces have to interconnect and have the flexibility to stand alone as a separate identity if required.

Matt Rawlinson and his team at Raw Design began with an empty shell and created a journey through evolving spaces with each area being progressively more dramatic as the journey continued. Initial experience of the venue at the stairwells and entrance corridors are deliberately stark with the main approach to ‘Project One’ being a black stairwell with a single dramatic suspended space walker light fitting.

The main room is based on the concept of a huge evolving empty box with detailed layering at end user level. The main space is sprayed black leaving all the industrial ductwork exposed. Walls are then wrapped in giant images and graphics giving a level of decoration that can be periodically stripped back and recovered. Giant fashion images are juxtaposed on an ethereal landscape of urban wastelands. Floating mid space around the periphery are large colour changing organic oblivion pendants that create intimacy in the circulation spaces. The Main dance floor and stage are central to the space. Raw Design formed a colonnade of temporary aluminium truss structures with polypropylene cellular roof and walls. These enclosed, textured vinyl seating areas formed an amphitheater effect. Towards the rear is a chill bar with reflective black stretch PVC ceilings, patent green vinyl seating, large pendant spacewalker light fittings and illuminated tables. This then links to the VIP area behind the cellular semi transparent glass.


Project Live has its own entrance, but is also linked to the main room via double doors and acoustic corridor. Raw Design created a hard edged dramatic urban environment. The bar area has a floating timber installation ceiling with large LED flood lights above throwing shadows onto the concrete floor below. The ceiling structure then falls down the walls forming the back bar on one side and raised lounge seating on the other. Pot shelves rise from the floors and thrust through the timber ceiling above, breaking up the space. The whole look is that of an urban jungle, with concrete walls sprayed with street art graffiti. The bar then opens onto a secondary dance floor with an impressive stage for DJ’s and live bands. The whole space is characterized by low tech urban finishes.

At the front of the venue are the karaoke rooms which can be accessed from either venue or the main entrance. Raw employed a playful use of pink studded rubber flooring, retro cellular open office ceiling tiles with flood lighting above and Japanese style graffiti art to great effect. The rooms radiate off a central bar and stage area and have their own seating areas with large LCD display screens.

Project is designed to be a landmark clubbing experience that has the ability to ultimately transform into a new venue.


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