Helvetic Tours Trade Fair Stand

Within the scope of Kuoni’s re-branding, their young travel brand - Helvetic Tours - was also revised. Helvetic Tours launched its new image with a bang: their trade fair stand generated surprise and enthusiasm among the specialist audience and their new orientation towards branding left a lasting impression on the trade fair visitors.

Helvetic Tours is a Swiss tourist corporation which concentrates on easy-going, low-budget travelling for mostly younger customers. The brand has been on the market for a while but has only just been re-launched, as its parent company has been. Helvetic Tours has been able to establish themselves as a popular budget-travel specialist in Switzerland due to their coherent overall offer and image concept.

The task was to design a trade fair stand after a brand re-launch. The brand was fundamentally restored during its re-branding process. A new corporate design was developed which strongly accentuated the color red. Graphics were clear and simple, the image being young and humorous. The designers’ task was to design the client’s first trade fair appearance after the re-launch. The stand was to demonstrate customers’ perception of the brand and let the new brand core be captured at first sight. The concept had to be plain and simple, have maximum effect on minimum budget, and attract as many trade fair visitors as possible.


Going by the logo and Helvetic Tours’ color red, the designers took on the shape of a circle as primary design element. From this, the ‘ball’ theme was derived and implemented in various playful ways. Beach balls and a ball pool suggest a light-hearted, happy holiday feeling and resemble what Helvetic Tours stands for: easy-going beach trips.

The stand‘s main element was a large pool filled with 30,000 white plastic balls. In connection with a raffle, trade fair visitors could take a ‘bath’ in the pool. Whoever found red balls could win a trip. There was also an information desk with catalogues where visitors received information. The ball theme was continued on the wall and ceiling where clustered blow-up beach balls in the Helvetic Tours colors and logo created a potent, perceptible signal visible from afar.

The Helvetic Tours trade fair stand was a topic of conversation and a main attraction at trade fairs since its premiere. The pool in particular was a favorite and created strong emotional awareness of the brand. The stand attracted visitors like a magnet and will be re-used again.


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