Streetology, Sydney

Within plastic tubes of standardized 100mm diameter, tee shirts are stored and merchandised.  Within dispensers of standardized 100mm wide by 1500mm high, a maximum of 15 plastic tubes are stored and displayed.  Then by repeating the dispensers by 170 times, we are now able to display a maximum of 2,550 tee shirts.  If we sell one tee shirt, one plastic tube disappears from the dispenser.  We designed a system of dispensers and tubes to visualize commerciality; although on its own, the stock quantity of the tee shirts fluctuates vertically within the individual dispenser unit, however after 170 repeats this fluctuation forms a “pattern” horizontally across the dispensers. 
There is no such field of study called “Streetology”; but this shop is a visual reflection of the street trend.  It creates excitement by drawing a parallel between the shopping experience, and the act of flipping through pages of magazine asking oneself, “I wonder what is popular now on the streets!”
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