El Molino Café-Concierto

Taking a step back from all things retro and embracing futurist approach, the redesign of El Molino presents many state-of-the-art technical and lighting surprises that act together to conceive a new way of performance.
The creation of this project has been realized through working hand in hand with the architecture firm Bopbaa in reaching new special characteristics for this one and any future projects in terms of esthetic and functional formalities.

As a methodical Interior Designer, Fernando Salas displays his thorough attention to even invisible details. There are no grand decorative gestures where the typical kitsch esthetic has been left behind. El Molino is a call to the future. Lighting comes to the first order of business, personalizing aesthetics, defining spatial lines and mood ambiance through ingenious LED appliqués and a kaleidoscopic play of colors. Its main stage, stripped of all decorations is illuminated with diverse formula and can reach far beyond the plateau if a show requires it.

The interior design for the plateau and amphitheaters overshadowed the ostentatious and visible decorative aspects and directed it towards a dark, near pitch dark space with specific lateral backlighting elements that pave the way for chromatic control.  A strong sense of light for spatial usage is applied subordinating the decoration to the service of the show; not only in the main stage, but in its surroundings.

The main lobby still holds its original woodwork façade and stained glass fixtures and leads to El Molino’s access doors to the ticket booth, plateau and video wall.

The main stage frame is backlit in gold, creating a diffused halo of light that goes from the curtain to the sign, emulating the original stage, but with a functional esthetic line according to its space. The stage floor is very versatile (platforms are hidden from spectator’s views) giving the opportunity for diverse necessities of each show.

The main hall has various seating arrangements that can range from an intimate café-theatre to traditional seating rows that sit a top black oak. The bar area has a distinct jet-black marble finish with an illuminated crystal wine and spirits rack.

Box seats pave the way through the central hall with their backlight railing that change colors according to performance while a long table is illuminated indirectly.

Located on the third level is El Molino’s main hall. The Golden Bar takes us to a place that glistens through its golden tiles which illuminates a prismatic black marble bar subtly illuminated from above. A projector, located above the bar shows images throughout the Golden Bar nights.

Two metallic, backlit with changing colors, book shaped lattices complement the lateral sides which illuminate the locale to double lengths.

The space also has a large-scale diamond upholstered red sofa with matching cushions surrounded by tables that make any visit to the bar worth talking about.

The rehearsal hall is located on the fourth level. With its all white surroundings and two large light pockets in the ceiling, it is the most luminous space in the building.

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