Myer Spring Summer11 Collections Launch

Summer, sand and seashells were the inspiration for the set designed by Chris Bosse, LAVA, and Amanda Henderson, Gloss Creative, for the Myer Spring Summer11 Collections Launch held in Sydney.

The giant seashell set was a sand-coloured plywood installation 18m long and 5m high, digitally designed and CNC-cut and consisted of 2000 pieces put together like a puzzle.

The designers essentially used the geometry of a triton shell that is strictly mathematical, but occurs in many beautiful manifestations. The idea was digitized and sliced it into buildable components. The models moved through the shell and then onto the catwalk.

The seashell theme allowed many moods, from sea goddesses at sunrise to sirens at sunset, creating another world for the thirty Australian designers on show.

The shell was reflective of both the blonde colors of this season and the bleached beauty of the Australian beach. Shells are known for their organic shapes and considered the ‘architects of the ocean’ with their efficient and beautiful mathematical formulae.

The three-dimensional installation was another collaboration between Chris Bosse and Amanda Henderson.

The Myer Collections Launch SS11 took place at the Eveleigh Carriageworks in Sydney in August 2010. 

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