To more than 12 million annual visitors, Niagara Falls is a spectacle of natural wonder. With over 40 world-class golf courses, 70 award winning wineries and 200 kilometers of spectacular cycling and hiking trails, the Niagara Region has abundant entertainment and tourist options. What more can an entertainment industry envision at his next business venture? The owner of this nightclub was thrilled at the opportunity to redefine the night scene in Niagara Falls, Canada, and to be part of The Fallsview Casino Resort retail and entertainment complex. To perpetuate the excitement and invigorate visitors from sunrise to sunset, a new dimension for night-time entertainment at the tourist city of Niagara Falls needed to be added. The city’s investment in the development of the Fallsview Casino Resort presented an opportunity to create a new wave of Las Vegas-style entertainment venues. The resort’s management company felt as though a new nightclub venue would appropriately contribute to the excitement of the Fallsview Casino Resort; hence, the inception of this 1,115 sq. m. full-service entertainment venue yielding a capacity of approximately 800 people was initiated. Apart from first-class nightclub hospitality, this entertainment venue provides the perfect setting for multimedia presentations, corporate events, fashion shows and promotional events.

The down-to-earth vision aimed at creating a multi-functional entertainment venue while the innovative vision intended to cultivate a mystical and exotic environment that would attract nightclub goers from around the world. The ultimate goal was to create an entertainment ecstasy where sounds, light, people, and décor are interconnected to captivate an exhilarating experience transcending time and space. The biggest challenge during the design process was the sound-proofing requirements. The building’s developer did not account for a nightclub to be placed on the lowest level of the complex therefore special design work was required to accommodate a successful operation without disturbing neighbouring retailers, hotel and casino guests. In order to incorporate a proper sound-proofing system, the ceiling and all its components (i.e. drywall, light fixtures and hanging panels) had to be suspended on a spring-like system allowing only a one inch tolerance in vibration. Structural columns and exterior walls were cut three inches at the base also for the purpose of allowing vibration tolerance.

In any nightclub setting, the lighting and audio visual systems are vital to give the venue its dynamism. The designers have considered every possible aspect, such as: how much lighting was necessary, what type of illumination could be used to create a cozy yet energetic environment, what type of light would provide the appropriate luminosity without emitting excessive heat, and how could lighting fixtures and hardware be incorporated into the space without looking out of place.

With these elements in mind, the designers applied three lighting schemes to this nightclub:

  • Architectural lighting: This illumination infrastructure involved a complex series of track lights which satisfied the lighting code required for such a space and triggered a theatrical effect in the venue. Track lighting was installed throughout the space, from the entranceway through the bar to the lounges and into the washrooms. The track lighting installed above the main bar was attached to the decorative ceiling, with its dimming properties that allow flexibility in lighting control, it adds aesthetic allure to the club. The lighting system also includes.
  • Ambiance Lighting: This lighting scheme involved a system of spotlights as well as custom-designed lighting fixtures. Spotlights are situated around the dance floor and throughout the club. The activation of spotlights, which gives off multi-colour light beams, incites movement and energy. Custom-designed light fixtures were installed in the back lounge area and above Bar #2. The installation of Oriental-inspired paper lanterns created a romantic and opulent ambiance.
  • Decorative/Accent Lighting: This lighting scheme gives colour and visual effects to the space. The main piece of decorative lighting was installed above the dance floor – a 10x15 LED light panel displays messages and graphic images, and provides a colourful light show to heighten the excitement on the dance floor. Decorative/accent lighting can also be found at the main bar where colourful acrylic boxes are back-lit to reveal images and silhouettes of terracotta statues and liquor bottle displays. Back-lit acrylic panels were also installed behind the washroom sinks for a refreshing glow to the space.

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