Emporium Penthouse Suite

Following the success of the large scale Emporium Suites renovation project, world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp was commissioned to renovate the 356sqm penthouse, on the top floor of the renowned Emporium Tower, Bangkok. Maximising the available space, dwp created the interiors for a 42nd floor, 3-bedroom, serviced penthouse apartment with a spacious living room, connecting to a dining area, opening onto a terrace with a Jacuzzi pool, overlooking the Bangkok skyline.

Inspiration was derived from the metropolitan location of the building, surrounded by business districts, stylish shopping malls and hip urban spots, under the concept ‘Urban Unwind’. The objective was to create a luxurious, stylish, intelligent, urban-casual environment. Yet, site constraints prevented the demolition of any existing structures, so dwp sought to create moderate revisions, with significant impact. Working around the existing structure, walls, stone flooring, bathroom fixtures, dwp injected new elements to achieve a brand new look and enhance the higher level of luxury required.

Blending a new sophisticated colour scheme and finishes, with the existing ones was a major challenge. dwp opted for a refined color palette, whereby warmly toned timber veneer was set against pearl-like wallpaper, accented with champagne gold metal, offsetting royal blue velvet armchairs. An elegant tailor-made circular lighting sculpture, of various sizes and heights, designed by dwp, accentuates the 4-metre-high living and dining area ceiling, while a thoughtful selection of furniture and accessories achieved the desired balance. Etched patterns adorn grey tinted glass panelling, fitted to an existing stainless steel frame, providing a completely new feature to the space.

Out of environmental concerns, as well as cost-consciousness, dwp reused almost all of the existing structure, walls and floor, with non-toxic finishes and sourced additional materials locally. The new look, enhancing the sophistication of the Emporium brand, meant the lease was fully booked out, even before construction had finished in June 2011.

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