Melbourne Penthouse

The design of this inner city apartment was an excercise in layering the decorative over the architectural. Not many designers can cross these two disciplines but when executed precisely the outcome is refreshing. The gallery like spaces of this apartment were specifically designed to house a collection of contemporary, vintage and anitque artworks, sculpture and furniture. The strong planning and exact detailing of the materials within this space provide a serene architectural envelope that is just as intriuging as its contents. The brief for this project was to create a fluid space that could also be separated into the living zones of sleeping, eating, bathing and relaxing. The need for expansive walls and an open floor plan was also desired for the display of collective furniture and artwork, while also intrigrating these items into the design. A modern, neutral palette was favoured to provide a grand architectural interior while materials such as exotic marble and timber veneer were used to create a more decorative element. A big challenge in designing apartment spaces, such as this project, is in the ability to use large sheets of materials. This is due to lift sizing and access. Clever joinery design combining marble and timber veneer panels had to be used to maximise the effect of the panelling whilst still enabling access. Services such as ductwork were also heavily concentrated on to ensure the maximisation of ceiling heights throughout. Space planning was also looked at in detail to ensure that light could penetrate the entire apartment, although only two walls out of the four perimeter ones have windows.

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