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Apartment HW / David Franck Photographie

The reconstruction of a young couple‘s upper floor apartment inside the family owned house form the 1970‘s, located in Ostfildern - Nellingen (near Stuttgart), was designed as an architectural commitment to minimal, white modernism, consciously contrasting the former decorative style of the habitation.

Reorganizing the functions by pulling down an existing, curved wall, enabled an open space from the entrance over the living and dining area towards the kitchen and terrace.

The two private bedrooms operate as separate units (parents and child), both provided with a bathroom and reachable from the entrance area. A hinge door allows access to a corridor, facing a bathroom window covered by a mirrow coating and giving access to the circuit of dressingroom, bathroom and bedroom. One enters the living area along an angular cabinet wall, hiding two existing steel columns, and focusing on the old „flower window“, now converted into a frameless box type window. At the same time the room narrows down till the end of the wall, to spread up into 3 different directions. A deep illuminated incision into the cabinet wall intensifies the spatial alteration of width and narrowness. The kitchen is designed along the existing horizontal window and framed by floor to ceiling elements on both sides.

All fixtures are crafted in white finished MDF, imparting homogeneity throughout every room, supported by a jointless, grey mineral composite flooring to accentuate the continuous space.
The lighting concept supports the impact of the space by using diffused and linear light.

From the existing entrance hall of the building the reworked staircase opens up to a radical redesigned, bright and light-flooded new apartment.

Apartment HW / David Franck Photographie
Apartment HW / David Franck Photographie
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