The design studio for SCA Design grew organically from an internal design competition held amongst all the designers within the company. This competition evolved into a challenge to break the conventions of a traditional workplace and against the rules of the corporate world; forming a new way of working for a team of young creative minds.

SCA design studio reinvents the typical office culture and inspires its staff to relax in their newly created ‘home’. The office is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, inspiring creativity. It also reinforces the most important aspect of the company i.e. its people and their interpersonal relationships.

During the design process, one of the goals in mind was to have clients as participants so that they may experience the fusion of work and creativity in this trendy studio environment. The creation of this modular and dynamic space promotes conversation between teams, allowing for interaction within the open plan studio, and reflecting the collaborative nature of the company.


Adapting to the design industry that is constantly evolving, the studio was designed to showcase the innovative and creative use of recycled material. Items that would have been discarded are now given a new lease of life and incorporated into the design of the space, reinforcing the company’s initiatives of sustainability and adaptive re-use.

An old golf buggy was rescued and a new ‘driveway’ was built throughout the office for it, serving as the main ‘street’ of the studio. Old goods palettes were reused as a feature ceiling and unwanted egg crates were collected and innovatively used as acoustic treatment in the meeting room. Finally, the company’s old name cards which had become obsolete were reused as the feature signage wall in the lift lobby.


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